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Do you know how important it is in today's environment to keep your telephone system safe from hackers?  Not only do hackers hit your personal and business charge cards, but they can also hack into your phone and voice systems and make fraudulent calls that can be VERY costly to your company.  Protect your business by calling us to discuss how you can prevent fraud in your network as well as your voicemail system. 

Below are a few helpful hints that may aid you in preventing fraudulent calls to other countries, that can become very costly to your budget as ell as scam calls made TO your company that can cost you money.




Does your receptionist answer your phone calls?  If so, please tell the receptionsit to NEVER transfer unknown incoming callers to an outside line.  This potential transfer to "9" or "0" would allow the caller to place calls to anywhere in the world, and you would be charged for the call!

Free Listing at Yellow Pages: This scam targets businesses. The caller says that he is from Yellow Pages and is calling to update their records. He proceeds by asking to confirm some basic information such as owner’s name, business phone number, address, and company name. Then they start billing the victim and only then the business owner realizes that it’s not a free listing and it was not Yellow Pages directory that called.
International Phone Calls Scam: It's not always easy to tell if you're dialing an international telephone number. In most cases, you have to dial 011 to begin a call to a foreign country. However, there are locations outside the U.S. where telephone numbers may look like domestic long-distance calls, but are actually international calls and international rates will apply.