Dahl Communications, Inc.






Let us help you meet all of your telecommunication needs.


Dahl Communications offers products for small and medium sized businesses to help you meet all your telecommunicaiton needs, and below you will find some of the products we offer.  We partner with these vendors, which allows you to pay for your requirements today, and plan or expand your communications for tomorrow. 

As your business grows, VoIP applications for networking, remote workers, and wireless technology can provide your business with powerful solutions for all your voice and data applications.

SAMSUNG Officeserv 7000 Platform offers telecommunications for a small or medium size business, with anywhere from 2 to 20 stations for a small business, and up to 480 stations for a larger business.  If you need to network these phone systems together, you can expand these systems to meet your needs, such as a campus enviornment.  Voice Messaging is also available, and we offer other perpherial solutions to meet your business needs.


We offer basic and advanced features for your phone system that provides seemless integration with your wired network so you can stay connected without being tied to your office.  You will have access to voice and date from anywhere within your building.